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Welcome to the Void Realms Wiki
Welcome to the Void Realms Wiki
The Void Realms guide for our servers and more! maintained by our Staff Team
Please feel free to contribute by thinking of new articles or expanding on existing ones and suggesting them on our Forums.
About Void Realms

Void Realms is a Minecraft Server founded by VoidAngel around Jan 1st, 2015. In December 2018, djkittycoolcat took over as Owner. Void Realms is a Minecraft Server that offers many different gamemodes including slimefun, adding over 400 new recipes!

We have a well trained and proud staff team and a strong community where anyone can feel at home. Our rules can mostly be summarized with the words "Common Sense". As long as you are nice and respectful the community will welcome you with open arms.

We are proud to be a server that is 'Created by the Players for the Players', meaning that we take suggestions, post player polls and allow staff to be part of projects. We are currently transitioning and updating the server to create a smoother and better playing experience.

We have a wiki team that we encourage players who are knowledgeable with Void Realms Server, gamemodes and/or tutorials. We encourage you to apply at: https://www.voidrealms.net/wikiapp .
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